Jordan's Videos

These videos aren't Jordan's, but are really cool to watch!

-Bionicle Music Video
-Bionicle The Game Trailer
-Bionicle Web of Shadows movie trailer
-Michael Jordan's Top 10 Plays
-The Psychiatrist
-Da Terminator
-Da Terminator (Fast Version)
-Da Terminator (Baby Version)
-Darth Maul Duel: Lego Version
-Lego Starwars Complete Saga: Trailer
-Lego Starwars Game: General Grievous Battle
-Darth Vader Canteen Tantrum
-Darth Vader Symphony
-Angel Wars Messenger Trailer
-Dramatic Gopher with Light Saber

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Music Videos

These vids are songs that Jordan enjoys, and that always end with a powerful moral that sums up what he believes.


This is a picture of the group Kutless. Most of the videos are their's.